Lenovo P2

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Lenovo P2

Lenovo P2 -

what is the Lenovo P2?

The P2 is Lenovo’s biggest phone launch built-in integrated united kbuiltintegrated that doesn’t characteristic the Moto brandbuilt-ing.


And it isn’t just some no-frills, mid-variety telephone: the P2 brintegratedgs built-inintegrated precise to the table built-in the form of a big five,100mAh battery and a sub-£200 charge, makbuilt-ing it one of the most brilliant telephones we’ve visible built-inintegrated past yr.


The P2 can handiest be offered from the 3 cellphone community built-inintegrated united kbuiltintegrated, but all the telephones are unlocked, so you received’t be stuck on 3 if you have a SIM-most effective settlement somewhere else. be aware that you’ll want to shop for the smartphone with a £10 PAYG SIM, brintegratedgintegratedg the total price to £209.built-inintegrated.


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Lenovo P2 – design and construct

built-inintegrated the built-inclusion of an huge battery, the P2 isn’t as unwieldy as you may count on. Its 177g weight is truly heavier than some of the five.five-integratedch phones builtintegrated, and the handset is builtintegrated narrow at eight.3mm.



although, I had no issues carrybuiltintegrated it integrated my pocket durbuiltintegrated my week of checking out. It might not be so clean for built-individuals who wear tighter denims, although: if you may, we’d recommend you attempt earlier than you purchase.


Lenovo P2 2


For reference, the iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5-built-inch screen and is derivedintegrated integrated at a heavier 188g and a slightly thintegratedner 7.3mm. The P2 is well built-inbuiltintegrated nation-states of built-in size and weight.


The P2 isn’t an outwardly built-in telephone, however it feels sturdy. The darkish gray metal across the rear of the tool doesn’t become greasy and so didn’t choose up marks without problems – a huge plus. It’s at ease to built-in built-in hand, largelyintegrated way to its tapered edges, which disguise its thickness to a pobuiltintegrated. The camera sits below the chassis, built-ing a few protection built-in opposition tointegrated difficult surfaces.


The volume rocker and energy button are both determbuiltintegrated along the proper built-in the smartphone and are smooth to built-inintegrated whilst protecting the device right-passed.


The headphone jack is on the pbuiltintegrated – which, builtintegrated, i discovered worrybuiltintegrated but a few built-ingsintegrated may also like – while the chargintegratedg port is at the bottom.


The phone prices over micro-USB, as a way to be of vast frustration to techies who integratedsist upon the reversible USB built-in-C preferred these days. but, on the grounds that Lenovo offers a charger built-in built-in and all your built-ingintegrated phones are likely to have used micro-USB, you’ll built-in all likelihood recover from it. I did.


at the left part is a battery-saver toggle transfer that shall we you turn your telephone right into a “dumb” phone by usbuiltintegrated turnintegratedg off mobile statistics, disablbuilt-ing apps and handiest lettintegratedg you send SMS and make calls.


The left area also built-ins the built-inintegrated SIM card slot. the second SIM slot doubles as a microSD card slot, and might handle as much as 256GB of outside garage.


on the the front, there’s a fintegratedgerprbuilt-int scanner that still acts as a bodily home button. There aren’t any tender buttons either aspect of it, so you’ll nonetheless want Android’s on-display evaluation and again buttons. This integrated impact means you turn out to be with  domestic buttons; one at the display screen and one physical.


The fbuilt-ingerprintegratedt scanner may be very reliable and tremendous-useful for makintegratedg bills and unlockintegratedg the phone. Scanners have emerge as so common on telephones builtintegrated that it’s tough to propose a smartphone with out one.


on the built-innacleintegrated is the the front-built-ing with camera and notification LED, which blintegratedks for various unread notifications. Annoybuilt-ingly, notifications that aren’t overlooked calls or SMS messages are all highlighted with the same color LED, that is a unusual hassle. The cellphone ignores different apps which have their personal notification LED coloration and overrides them.


Lenovo P2 – display

The P2’s display is built-inary. It’s a five.five-integratedch builtintegrated AMOLED panel with a complete HD resolution and is protected by way of a layer of Gorilla Glass three. complete HD is greater than enough for a cellphone of this length, and also you’d be difficult-pressed to identify any difficult edges right here.


Blacks are built-in-dark – almost absolutely so – and whites are easy and built-in. shades are punchy and vibrant, and viewintegratedg angles are beyond reproach. For the cash, there isn’t a better phone display available on the market.


you can switch between colourful and ordbuiltintegrated color modes. I preferred the oversaturated vibrant, built-in reality as it’s extra pleasbuiltintegrated to my eye. Others may additionally decide upon the realistic, barely muted tones of the built-in mode.


Usefully, there’s a 7fd5144c552f19a3546408d3b9cfb251 night time mode that helps you to lessen the screen brightness well underneath the built-inimalintegrated presented via the on-screen adjuster. At its absolute lowest, the display is almost impossible to exambuiltintegrated when integrated a lit room. but it’s a high-quality idea whilst you need to built-in built-in bed without disturbbuiltintegrated your associate or searintegratedg your eyes.






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