Android App Development

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Android App Development

Android App Development - What is Android?

Android is the world's most popular working system for cellular gadgets and capsules. it's miles an open source working system, created through Google, and available to all styles of builders with numerous know-how ranges, starting from rookie to professional.

(The time period 'open supply' sounds quite acquainted, would not it? nicely, open-supply way software with supply to be had for modification and bound to an open source license agreement. more about open source terminology can be discovered right here).

From a developer's attitude, Android is a Linux-primarily based operating device for smartphones and capsules. It includes a touch display person interface, widgets, digicam, network statistics monitoring and all the other capabilities that permit a cell phone to be known as a smartphone. Android is a platform that supports various programs, to be had thru the Android Play shop. The Android platform also permits give up users to develop, installation and use their very own packages on top of the Android framework. The Android framework is certified under the Apache License, with Android software builders conserving the right to distribute their applications under their customized license.

know-how Android

to start improvement on Android even at the application stage, I suppose it's far paramount to apprehend the fundamental internal architecture. knowing how matters are organized interior facilitates us recognize the application framework higher, so we can can layout the utility in a better way.


The diagram suggests four simple apps (App 1, App 2, App 3 and App four), just to offer the idea that there can be more than one apps sitting on pinnacle of Android. these apps are like several person interface you use on Android; for example, when you use a tune participant, the GUI on which there are buttons to play, pause, are searching for, and so forth is an utility. similarly, is an app for making calls, a digicam app, and so forth. all these apps are not necessarily from Google. all of us can broaden an app and make it available to all of us thru Google Play shop. those apps are evolved in Java, and are established at once, without the want to integrate with Android OS.

application Framework

Scratching similarly underneath the applications, we reach the application framework, which utility developers can leverage in developing Android packages. The framework gives a large set of APIs utilized by builders for numerous trendy functions, in order that they do not should code each simple mission.The framework includes certain entities; most important ones are:

hobby manager
This manages the activities that govern the software existence cycle and has several states. An utility may additionally have a couple of sports, that have their very own life cycles. however, there may be one fundamental interest that starts offevolved while the utility is released. usually, each interest in an application is given a window that has its own format and consumer interface. An hobby is stopped while some other starts offevolved, and receives back to the window that initiated it through an pastime callback.

Notification supervisor
This manager allows the applications to create custom designed alerts

perspectives are used to create layouts, inclusive of additives together with grids, lists, buttons, and so on.

useful resource Managers
packages do require outside sources, consisting of photographs, external strings, and so forth. these kind of sources are controlled through the aid manager, which makes them to be had in a standardized way.

content material issuer
programs also percentage information. occasionally, one utility may need some facts from every other utility. for instance, an global calling utility will need to access the user's address e-book. This get right of entry to to another software's data is enabled via the content vendors.

this sediment holds the Android native libraries. these libraries are written in C/C++ and offer capabilities similar to the above layer, even as sitting on pinnacle of the kernel. some of the main local libraries encompass

surface manager: Manages the display and compositing window-ing supervisor. - Media framework: supports numerous audio and video codecs and codecs inclusive of their playback and recording.
machine C Libraries: fashionable C library like libc centered for ARM or embedded gadgets.
OpenGL ES Libraries : these are the pics libraries for rendering second and 3D images.
SQLite : A database engine for Android.
Android Runtime

The Android runtime includes the Dalvik virtual device. It is basically a virtual gadget for embedded gadgets, which like every other virtual gadget is a bytecode interpreter. when we say it's miles for embedded gadgets, it method it's miles low on memory, comparatively slower and runs on battery strength. except the Dalvik digital gadget, it additionally includes the middle libraries, which can be Java libraries and are to be had for all gadgets.


The Android OS is derived from Linux Kernel 2.6 and is sincerely constructed from Linux supply, compiled for mobile gadgets. The reminiscence control, technique control etc. are mostly comparable. The kernel acts as a hardware Abstraction Layer between hardware and the Android software program stack.

Android SDK

As already cited, Android is open supply and hence the supply code is available for all builders. In totality it is known as the Android SDK. you could down load, build and paintings on Android in a number of distinct methods--it all depends on what you want to do. in case your purpose is to broaden an Android utility, you don't always need to down load all the source. Google recommends the Eclipse IDE, for which there is an to be had Android Developer tools (ADT) plugin, thru which you could set up the unique SDK, create projects, release emulators, debug, and so forth. you may see more info of Eclipse and ADT thru Android's legit website for builders -

Android improvement for windows users

Android as of now does no longer aid constructing on home windows, so if you want to adjust the Android OS itself, you may have to use Linux (see constructing the Android OS). however, on windows, we do have tools and plugins for utility and native Android improvement. And here we will communicate approximately putting in fundamental Android development equipment on home windows.

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